Why Michelle Obama’s Hair Matters

Okay, so I look at the top articles on Yahoo! every morning to just get a sense on what people are talking about or what seems to matter to our world.

Today I find an article about Michelle Obama’s hair. You can view this article here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20090902/us_time/09171191914700

Now, I am a white woman with extremely straight, blonde hair. My hair cannot hold curl to save its life. My mom used to have to use almost an entire can of hair spray to keep the curls kind of in place for my dance recitals.

I am fortunate to know many different people and therfore have an idea about different types of hair. I know that every person’s hair is different. It’s always fun to learn about the care of different types of hair, only because it was something that I never really thought about when I was younger.

When I was beginning to become friends with one of my now best friends, we had a conversation one night about our hair. She couldn’t understand how I washed my hair everyday, and I couldn’t understand that she only needed to wash her hair weekly. Once we both explained our sides, each of us had a revelation: NOT EVERYONE’S HAIR CAN BE TREATED THE SAME.

I think that this article about Michelle Obama’s hair is valid because for some reason it is a big deal. The question is why. Why is it such a big deal how people do their hair? People should be able to wear their hair however they want to; without getting looked down upon or stereotyped. I’m sure Michelle Obama’s hair would look super cute curly, but however she wants to wear her hair should be okay. This should not be something that is a hot debate. (Another thing to think about is how many other First Ladies have had curly hair, because you know there have been.)

What do you think?