Marvin’s Black History Timeline Part 3

The Chosen One!

We survived. We gained power. We have successful Black public figures, stars, sports figures, politicians; the whole kit and caboodle. But, we don’t have justice, things are not the same for us as they are for others, we are treated like second class citizens, we’re beat down, murdered; you name it and we’ve lived and felt it. What!! There is a brother, not named Jesse Jackson, who is running for president!! Must be a damn joke, who the hell is he? Where in the world is he from? What? When? Where? HOW? Wait a minute…this brother is young, smart, cool, and funny. Not only is he smart – he is intelligent and charismatic. Both whites and Blacks are listening to him; especially the young who are looking for hope and change. The poor Blacks like him because he shoots ball, talks like them, and has some roots in Chi-town. The older Blacks think that he is the Chosen One, the Black Jesus come to lead his people. Stop! Almost, but not all that, that is too much for one man! He ain’t Jesus, but he has given us a new pride to take things to the next level. We can do this if we try.

2008 Sen. Barack Obama, Democrat from Chicago, becomes the first African-American to be nominated as a major party nominee for president.

• On November 4, Barack Obama, becomes the first African-American to be elected President of the United States, defeating Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain.


The Now! The real color of America and the broken machine!

As a child born in the 60’s, I was born at a special time, a turning point in Black history. Knowing the past injustices and living in the hood, but also being a baby boomer and enjoying the 70’s / 80’s / 90’s and on, without ever having been physically or mentally touched by racism, but know that just under the skin it is (and has) always been there. We talk and live and think differently from whites, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want the same thing. The 10% that messes up things for everyone are the ones we need to reach, the true niggas with no goals, self esteem, family or community values.

But we must now go back to the Rosa Parks incident and use what was so successful for us. Boycott, strike, don’t work for or buy things from prejudiced establishments, use our economic might to change laws, and to fight the battles that can’t stop a bullet.

We must clean up or own yards, police our own people, find that one binding factor that touches us all and that we will all listen to, but sadly enough it’s been staring us in the face the whole time.

Unite in an economic battle. Don’t buy Nike, buy Black. Screw McDonalds, eat at the Soul Food Factory. Tiger, Jordan, Denzel, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and others have the power to unite us. They must do this for their people; the people that made them.

No more twerking or Worldstar fight clips. Wake up brothers and sister, you can still be cool and have fun, but use dignity, common sense, and what we have that can help bring up those that don’t. No handouts, but programs that teach them and put them into a positive economic environment.

That’s the dream Martin had. Now we must live it, just do it, be it.

Lastly, maybe (just maybe) when Obama’s term is up, he can focus on getting the real message out to his people. I still have hope that he is the One!

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