Black History Month 2011 – Days 17-21

Hello everyone, first and foremost, Happy President’s Day! Today also marks the 46th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. I would also like to apologize for the absence of emails the past few days. I have been a bit under the weather and have been resting up to recoup. We will do some quick facts to catch us up for the past few days, courtesy of

• Macon Bolling Allen was the first African-American to pass the bar and practice law in the United States in 1845.

• Writer and performer Maya Angelou worked as the first black female streetcar conductor in San Francisco, California, before graduating from high school.

• Deford Bailey was a wizard at playing the harmonica, and was most notable for mimicking the sound of locomotives. He was the first African-American to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and one of the first African-American stars of country music.

• Barbara Brandon was the country’s only black female cartoonist to be nationally syndicated. Her strip was named “Where I’m Coming From.”

• Actress Diahann Carroll won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series in 1968 for her role on the sitcom Julia. Carroll was the first African-American actress to star in her own television series where she did not play a domestic worker.

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